Monday, March 24, 2008

Kathy Pierce aka artist_kathy - long distance student

Kathy is a long distance student, learning Toodles from the PDF or SBS magazine, rather than hands on classes.
She has a beautiful website, showcasing many more of her stunning works of art -

A beautiful piece done in sterling, around a gorgeous malachite cab. Wonderful!

A new version, Desert glass, added March 31, Oh My! -

Kathy says - "Thanks Sherry, just love your tut. I used 28ga wire for the weaving - it took twice as long but I think it held the stone better. It has a very snug fit and I didn't have to use any 'holding' wires for it. +++ The glass in the photo looks kind of yellowish and it's not. It's a piece of that meteorite Libyan Desert Glass and is much prettier in person."

Pretty pretty pretty --

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