Friday, January 11, 2008

Esther - Green Dragon Dreams

Dear Esther rose early, drove hours from her distant home, and made a fabulous Toodles Ring! I love the little peridot pinkie she wore. Another accomplished wire artist who graced my humble class with her presence. Thank you my friend!

See more of Esther's pretties here -

Huge thanks for the lovely photos, with your fabulous camera! The shadows are wonderful!

Ooooo, another long drive for the Tree of Life class. What a wonderfully exotic tree. Esther says that's how the trees are in San Angelo. I love it!

Jo Anne

Here is the showcase for Jo Anne's class projects. She was quite an accomplished wire artist prior to my humble classes, I am honored to count her among my students.

Whoowhoo, Jo Anne has started her own blog! Go look at her other treasures -

We are missing a photo of her first class project, the Serpent Bracelet, done in the intro class, but enjoy her other lovely accomplishments -

Class two, a cuff -

Class 3, an adjustable Toodles Ring -

Class 4, The Toodles Pendant, suspended from her own Viking Knit Necklace -

Class 5, a Scalloped Bracelet -

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Michelle from Baltimore

Lovely Michelle, in Texas for Christmas, walked into the store with mom and grandma in tow, as I was preparing the class room. We chatted, looked at the day's project, mom saw the light gleam...
A quiet "classssss"
"do you want to stay?"
Oh YES baby!!!

Thus was born a Toodles Ring -

And then, the following week, dear Michelle came back for more...
The Toodles Pendant -

Nice job, Michelle! Happy to know you! Come again when you visit Texas!

Linda Bj

Here is the showcase for Dear sweet Linda Bj, another accomplished wire artist, as well as making lovely glass treasures...

The border wraps around her glass beauties, which she wore to class, were flawless. A pleasure sharing time with you, m'dear!

We are missing photos of your first two projects! Mail them!

Linda Bj's interpretation of the Toodles Ring -
The Toodles Bezel to wrap a cabochon -
Her addition of Swarovski crystals is delightful, echoing colors in the stone which the camera refused to capture...

Linda makes beautiful dichroic glass cabochons and plans to use the Toodles Weave to show them off. I can't wait to see the results...
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Here are Jo Anne, Sherry, and Michelle, compliments of dear Esther -
Join in the fun!!!