Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sue O of And The Bead Goes On

Sue O, the red-headed sister at ATBGO, has joined some of my classes...
She's already quite an accomplished wire artist, let me tell ya!
Feast your eyes on her lovely creations --->>>
Ever the rebel, Sue chose a large cloisonne bead, then matched it with lovely carnelian, stacked to fit. Oh, so lovely!
Sue chose a large pea size turquoise bead for her Butterly Kisses. She quickly realized that it would never fit her delicate wrist. So, she improved the design and added her own flavor by making it into a choker. Absolutely stunning! I adore the tiny dangling copper beads on the side. And the lover's knot at the center front. And the coiled links. And...

Oooooooooo lookie loookie at her version of the Tree of Life! Turquoise and Carnelian make such a wonderful combination -

Then we have the adjustable ring, all swirly and curvy in August-
Ooooo, the Hammered Heart! Sue is still deciding on her colors for the dangle.

The lovely Square Border Wrap class -

Now go check out the store website here

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Merrisa B of SA

Merrisa B joined the Toodles Bootcamp for January 2008.
Lovely Merrisa writes the Bead Scene for My SA, THE website for tracking what's up in San Antonio. Check it out --->>>

Dear Merrisa scanned her bracelet, posted it in her blog, and put in a lovely plug for her teacher and the store. Thank you so very much, m'dearie, I'm so glad you enjoyed your classes!
Read all about it --->>>

No pictures (yet?) of her second class, teacher left her camera sitting on the bed at home... (Can we all say - AGAIN???)

February 1, 2007 - Ta Da! Merrisa's very own Toodles Ring. Just lovely, sweetie! Merrisa is a natural wire twister! I can't wait to see what she does with a stone....

Lana R of San Antonio

Lana R joined the Toodles Bootcamp for January. No pictures of her first or second piece, but perhaps she'll bring them to the next session...

February 1, 2008 - Her version of the Toodles Adjustable Ring. She opted for no dangling bead charms and she made it long enough to wrap far around her finger. Congrats, m'dear, you're well on your way to trapping stones!

Jamie C

Jamie C, of Cibolo, joined the party for the whole Bootcamp series. No photo of her first class, in January, the Serpentine Bracelet, because the teacher forgot her camera. (preparing the wet noodle!)
January 18 - Jamie's first Jelly Roll Cuff is the top right, oxidized to show of the details. Jamie went on to make two more at home, adding her own spin to the spirals on the left. Just lovely, m'dear!
Feb 1 - The Toodles ring - Jamie added 3 lovely little dangling beads to her adjustable ring. She's well on her way to mastering the Toodles Weave. Nice work, hunnie!
Ta Da! The Toodles Pendant ala Jamie. Nice work, darlin'!

oooooolaaaalaaaa! Butterfly Kisses and Fairie Wings!

Suzanne G and Cady

Feb 1, 2008 - Introducing Suzanne G and her Introduction to wire work - The Serpentine Bracelet. A most excellent showing for her first wire endeavor! Lucky girl managed to be the only student, so she got a private lesson, at her own pace. She'll be baaaack...
Suzanne's version of the Valentine Heart. The colors are sooo beautiful! The first of many....

A masterful piece of work, m'dear! Black onyx and copper...

Suzanne has been a busy girl, putting her class skills to fabulous use. All are gorgeous, but I am totally captivated by her clever rendition of the Hammered Heart. She put together a great heirloom for her stepmom....
Each family has it's own jumpring. Here's her description --

****snip ****

The Heart Necklace is for my stepmother. She had three children and my dad had three children.
My step-mom and dad are represented with 10mm heart crystals in their birthstone color as are all the children, grandchildren and great grand child.
Crystals for sons and sons-in-law are 8mm rounds.
Crystals daughters and daughters-in-law are 8mm bicones.
Crystals for grandchildren are 6mm bicones. Girls got the round wire wraps
at the bottom, boys got the triangular wire wrap at the bottom.
The one great grandchild is a teardrop crystal with a round wrap at the
My youngest brother who is deceased, has a triangular wrap at the bottom.

Thanks for being such a great teacher.

****** snip ******

Thank _You_ m'dear for being such a wonderful student!

April - A gorgeous Jellyroll cuff, using Unakite beads and oxidized copper.

Nice job, m'dearie! Suzanne learned the Toodles by making her very own adjustable ring.

Suzanne showed her daughter, Cady, how to work with wire. Look what this very talented 10 year old made -
See more of Suzanne and Cady's work on the website Cady made -

Suzanne is using the Scallops design to make bracelets for the Breast Cancer expo in Dallas in the fall. Lovely!