Saturday, February 2, 2008

Suzanne G and Cady

Feb 1, 2008 - Introducing Suzanne G and her Introduction to wire work - The Serpentine Bracelet. A most excellent showing for her first wire endeavor! Lucky girl managed to be the only student, so she got a private lesson, at her own pace. She'll be baaaack...
Suzanne's version of the Valentine Heart. The colors are sooo beautiful! The first of many....

A masterful piece of work, m'dear! Black onyx and copper...

Suzanne has been a busy girl, putting her class skills to fabulous use. All are gorgeous, but I am totally captivated by her clever rendition of the Hammered Heart. She put together a great heirloom for her stepmom....
Each family has it's own jumpring. Here's her description --

****snip ****

The Heart Necklace is for my stepmother. She had three children and my dad had three children.
My step-mom and dad are represented with 10mm heart crystals in their birthstone color as are all the children, grandchildren and great grand child.
Crystals for sons and sons-in-law are 8mm rounds.
Crystals daughters and daughters-in-law are 8mm bicones.
Crystals for grandchildren are 6mm bicones. Girls got the round wire wraps
at the bottom, boys got the triangular wire wrap at the bottom.
The one great grandchild is a teardrop crystal with a round wrap at the
My youngest brother who is deceased, has a triangular wrap at the bottom.

Thanks for being such a great teacher.

****** snip ******

Thank _You_ m'dear for being such a wonderful student!

April - A gorgeous Jellyroll cuff, using Unakite beads and oxidized copper.

Nice job, m'dearie! Suzanne learned the Toodles by making her very own adjustable ring.

Suzanne showed her daughter, Cady, how to work with wire. Look what this very talented 10 year old made -
See more of Suzanne and Cady's work on the website Cady made -

Suzanne is using the Scallops design to make bracelets for the Breast Cancer expo in Dallas in the fall. Lovely!

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