Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jamie C

Jamie C, of Cibolo, joined the party for the whole Bootcamp series. No photo of her first class, in January, the Serpentine Bracelet, because the teacher forgot her camera. (preparing the wet noodle!)
January 18 - Jamie's first Jelly Roll Cuff is the top right, oxidized to show of the details. Jamie went on to make two more at home, adding her own spin to the spirals on the left. Just lovely, m'dear!
Feb 1 - The Toodles ring - Jamie added 3 lovely little dangling beads to her adjustable ring. She's well on her way to mastering the Toodles Weave. Nice work, hunnie!
Ta Da! The Toodles Pendant ala Jamie. Nice work, darlin'!

oooooolaaaalaaaa! Butterfly Kisses and Fairie Wings!

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